BVT PRODUCTS was started more by necessity than anything else. I live in a community with my husband and son. As a longtime aerobics enthusiast, it was great for me to have a place to workout like the YMCA so close to home. The problem came when I would get out of my car with my water bottle, towel, purse, keys, cell phone, etc. I think I got a better workout bending and picking up all my dropped items than I did in the aerobics class! I took comfort as I looked around and saw so many other people doing the same thing. I thought to myself that there had to be a better way to keep my things organized without using a big clunky gym bag. I looked around in all the stores, but couldn't find anything close to what I was looking for.The Go Caddy showing back pocket

I then decided to take matters into my own hands. I went to my local store and bought the materials needed to make my own water bottle holder, which could also hold my towel, keys, phone, money, etc. After I finished making it, what was I going to call it? My husband took one look at it and immediately said, “Fitness Caddy® - Your All In One Gym Tote!” With that, the Fitness Caddy was born.

I took it to my next aerobics class and so many people wanted one that I knew I was on to something big! It is now my pleasure to offer my convenience item to you.

I promise you the Fitness Caddy® is like no other water bottle holder you have ever seen before.

The story continues...
with the introduction of the “Cruising Caddy™ - The Little Tote That Carries A Lot!”

The idea came to us while on a Caribbean cruise. When disembarking in Mexico, the cruise line was selling bottles of water to passengers with the warning that the local water may be unsafe to drink. We noticed how all the passengers struggled to carry their sightseeing items and now had the added burden of trying to hold this large bottle of water. We knew how easy the Fitness Caddy®made going to the gym. There had to be a better way to enjoy your excursion.

Taking the idea of the original Fitness Caddy®, we made some changes to accommodate today's travelers. The Cruising Caddy™ holds everything you need to enjoy your vacation while keeping your hands free.

Birth of the Go Caddy...
Customers often told us they loved certain features of the Fitness Caddy® and Cruising Caddy™ so much so that they couldn’t decide which to buy. BVT Products heard you and has now combined the best of both worlds. We are proud to introduce the Go Caddy®, our most innovative product to date. The Go Caddy® is still made of the same great quality you have come to expect from BVT Products.

I hope you enjoy using our products!

       - Vicki, BVT PRODUCTS